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07 November 2018

The Rome Cavalieri still an Italian masterpiece

WEALTH Arabia reviews Rome's best hotel

Bloomberg/Geraldine Hope Ghelli

by William Mullally

In 1960, perhaps the most iconic film in Italian history, La Dolce Vita, hit screens for the first time, depicting the lavish side of modern Roman society. Three years later, the Rome Cavalieri opened at the top of Monte Mario, overlooking the city, and perhaps no building in the city better embodied that image of Rome, and certainly no building maintains that image better to this day. While over the years it has attracted movie stars and the elite from across the world, it maintains that level of quality today. Even as I walked the halls to my room, adorned with sumptuous art pieces on every floor, I overheard guests say that it felt like they were staying in a museum.

The building was designed by some of mid-20th century Italy’s most famous architects, Ugo Luccichenti, with help from Franco Albini (about whom you can read more about later in this very issue of WEALTH Arabia) and Pierluigi Nervi. Even famed landscape designer Maria Tersa Parpagliolo helped execute the functional yet refined style, the only woman to rise to that level at a male-dominated time. As a result, the building and its grounds feel truly special, not just a hotel to rest your hat during your stay in Rome between visits to the Vatican and the Colosseum, but a destination all its own.

One thing for guests to keep in mind—the hotel features the only Roman hotel to have been awarded three Michelin stars for seven consecutive years, La Pergola, where Chef Heinz Beck has created a world-renowned menu. Just be sure that you must book months in advance. Besides La Pergola, guests can visit L’Uliveto for an evening pasta, or Tiepolo Lounge and Terrace, home to some of the artist Tiepolo’s masterpieces in the lounge. Keep an eye out for art all over though, as there are tapestries, period furniture, statues and historic artefacts hiding more or less everywhere. If you’re lucky enough, you’ll be staying in a room featuring a painting by Andy Warhol, or an original Karl Lagerfeld sofa.

The grounds themselves are steeped in history, long before the days of La Dolce Vita, it was alongside the Via Fracigena, were pilgrims came from Canterbury in England to Rome. As a result, the road was full of merchants and soldiers, and often travellers would rest with their horses on Monte Mario, hence the name “Cavalieri”, much like cavalry in English.

When staying in Rome next, WEALTH can think of no finer option than the Rome Cavalieri.






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