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28 October 2019
HALAL ECONOMY secures funding from DDCAP Group

The financing facility will allow to develop its technology platform to become the industry standard market data, learning and transformational platform globally.

Bloomberg/trafawma has secured funding from DDCAP Group and the two entities are committed to the development of a $6 trillion Islamic financial and commercial markets through technology.

In a joint statement, DDCAP Group and IslamicMarkets said that the funding follows a year-old extraordinary growth in’s fintech platform, which now has 250 000 users, making it the most widely used online information, learning, financial intelligence and investing platform in the Islamic economy.

“We recognised the potential of this partnership, in terms both of investment and broader relationship but it became ever more apparent when DDCAP subscribed to IslamicMarkets’ Enterprise Platform,” said Stella Cox CBE, the Managing Director of DDCAP.

Shakeeb Saqlain, the CEO of, said that DDCAP’s subscription to IslamicMarkets’ Enterprise Platform earlier this year and now its investment is a testament to’s rapidly growing technology platform.

London-based DDCAP has offices in Dubai International Financial Markets and is a leading provider of asset facilitation services across a diverse range of Shari’ah compliant products and instruments in both primary and secondary markets.




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