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04 November 2018

A European master switches to Halal

Swiss meat producer Fabian Molinari, founder of Molinari-Halal, is bringing his famous quality to the Muslim consumer


Have you always made Halal meat?

We started making Halal meat six months ago.

Why did you switch from producing non-Halal meat to Halal meat?

Before, I was producing non-Halal meat. The quality of our animals in Switzerland is high because they are growing up in the Swiss mountains with fresh air. My friends asked me, ‘why are you not doing this quality in Halal meat, so we can also eat from your meat?’

First I was trying lamb sausage, and then beef. When I gave it to people to test it, everybody liked it. As I am Swiss, I don’t know what people in the Middle East are looking for. My Syrian friend has suggested we do a lamb sausage with pine nuts in the future.

Coming from a non-Halal background, now that you’re working in Halal, was it a difficult transition?

It is not difficult to switch. It was absolutely an easy process. We would like to share our meat quality for everybody. Our government told us to please put sheep and cows in the mountain, and give us money to help us. These days fewer and fewer farmers are active in the mountains of Switzerland. Muslims eat a lot of this kind of meat, and I would like to share this quality of meat with them.

Do you find the Halal process improves the quality?

In fresh meat, I can see the difference in quality. If I see a piece of Halal meat versus a piece of non-Halal meat, it looks different, better, and fresher. You can taste and feel the different flavor. For me today, Halal has a much better flavor than non-Halal meat.

How have you gone after getting customers in the Muslim world?

What’s amazing is that everybody likes Switzerland. When I tell people that I am from Switzerland, they think of high quality, elegance, good flavor, and more. There are three companies in Singapore and Malaysia who are interested in our truffle products specifically because we are from Switzerland.

What’s your plan for the next six months?

In the next six months, we want to get ESMA certification for the UAE, and apply for another certification for SFDA for Saudi Arabia, and then expand throughout the rest of the GCC. This will slowly start our Halal business. I can say with pride that this quality that we produce doesn’t exist in the market. Everything, from every step of the farming and slaughtering, is done by me and my father. It’s a two-man family business. I do not do quantity—I do quality. That’s the difference. 

Do you want to do different types of products in the future?

I’m open for everything. But over time, it will depend on the quantity of animals that I can get, and the different type. I will not do what my clients tell me to do if I feel it will affect our quality. For example, if a customer comes to me and asks me to cook something after it is dried, I will not work with them. What I will do is dried beef with truffle—that is the next project. Then I will try beef sausage with beets and potato, a traditional recipe from my country. I want to go back to the old-style sausages that we did before and bring them to a whole new region.





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