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09 January 2020

Alizz Islamic Bank wins best premium credit card award

The Signature Luxury 100’s categories include personal luxury goods, luxury cars, luxury hospitality, bespoke banking and top-tier real estate.

All credit cards are based on the Islamic concept of ‘Qard Hasan’/Shutterstock

by Kudakwashe Muzoriwa

Oman’s Alizz Islamic Bank won the ‘Best Premium Credit Card’ award at The Signature Luxury 100 awards.

Alizz Islamic Bank is the first Islamic bank to offer Shari’ah compliant Titanium and Platinum credit cards from MasterCard in the Sultanate, offering the most affordable credit cards in the local market.

The bank’s credit cards offer a wide range of benefits and rewards to a large segment of customers in addition to offering premium features and privileges that provide cardholders with a range of lifestyle experiences, including access to select airport lounges across the world.

Alizz Islamic Bank stated that all credit cards are based on the Islamic concept of ‘Qard Hasan’.

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