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11 March 2020

ADCB launches digital platform to help UAE businesses

The digital platform offers market insight and companies can seek advice on financial products that would suit their needs

ADCB Trade Booster platform will provide members with market information on more than 180 countries/Bloomberg

by Kudakwashe Muzoriwa

Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank (ADCB) has launched the ADCB Trade Booster platform, a digital platform for fourteen partner banks that make up the trade club alliance.

The new platform will help identify businesses that are looking to trade goods internationally and will provide insight on regulations and trade tariffs for the relevant countries.

Furthermore, the ADCB Trade Booster platform will provide members with market information on more than 180 countries, including currency analysis, market trends and shipping requirements as well as serving as a conduit for trusted buyers and suppliers to connect with counterparts in markets around the world.

Samer Younes, ADCB’s Lead Digital Trade Implementation & Channel Management, said that ADCB Trade Booster is a unique and exclusive, by-invitation-only, platform for valued clients, enabling them to access a global network of trustworthy businesses by identifying opportunities of cooperation while maintaining the highest industry standards.

In a statement, ADCB said that each trade club alliance bank is responsible for vetting businesses before they become a member and will help oversee the admission process, actively identifying and facilitating business opportunities as well as coordinating trade missions on the ground.

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