Tuesday 13, March 2018 by Matthew Amlôt

$3.2 billion Dubai World Islands contract signed

Revolution Precrafted, a Philippines-based developer, has signed a deal to build luxury apartments and villas on Dubai’s The World Islands.

Revolution Precrafted, the only unicorn, a start-up worth over a billion dollars, to be based in the Philippines, has signed a $3.2 billion agreement with Dubai-based property developer Seven Tides for the manufacture and supply of apartments and hotel villas for The World Islands.

Seven Tides owns 10 of the man-made islands and announced last year plans to develop a luxury resort on the islands.

The properties will be pre-manufactured, shipped and assembled on-site at The World Islands.

span style="font-size: small;">Bloomberg Philippines reported Jose Roberto Antonio, CEO, Revolution Precrafted as saying, “The total number of units is actually being master planned right now, so I can’t really verify or ascertain that as of this moment, but you can expect and approximate that $300-$500 million worth of sales, depending on how mid-rise we would do for each one.”

Antonio added that the villas would be priced between $150,000 and $1.5 million, averaging at $500,000.


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