Tuesday 13, February 2018 by Jessica Combes

UAE FTA calls on firms to promote tax culture


The Federal Tax Authority (FTA) has called accounting firms, tax experts and legal consultants to take part in raising awareness among community members about tax practices in the UAE.

The Authority organised a regular monthly seminar in Dubai to underline the role of accountants, lawyers and tax experts in the successful implementation of the tax system. The event brought together 100 experts from various backgrounds covering accounting, law and tax, to thoroughly understand tax principles and explore solutions to overcome any problems that may arise. 

The seminar is part of the comprehensive awareness plan organised by the Federal Tax Authority, which includes an integrated programme of workshops and seminars covering the principles of the UAE tax system and its executive mechanisms. 

As part of its efforts to raise tax awareness among consumers and businesses in the UAE, the Authority issued many guides and e-learning modules on its website that explain legislative and operational aspects of the tax system, including procedures for import declarations, registration permits for Excise Tax, VAT, tax groups, Excise Tax Refund; warehouse keepers, and designated zones. 

FTA experts called on accounting firms, tax experts and legal consultants to benefit from the guides issued by the Authority by educating employees in these sectors, in order to raise awareness of the tax system and associated legislation and procedures in the UAE. This allows professionals to provide taxable persons with accurate and comprehensive information, and to play an active role in promoting a transparent tax culture among businesses, thereby ensuring the success of the tax implementation in the UAE. 

Furthermore, the FTA experts explained the Authority’s approach for cooperating with its strategic partners in the public and private sectors to provide quality services and ensure the successful implementation of tax in the United Arab Emirates.




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