Thursday 08, February 2018 by Jessica Combes

BankDhofar to offer futuristic banking services in Oman


Breakthrough NCR SelfServ 80-Series ATMs will help BankDhofar to transform retail banking and deliver enriched customer experience.

NCR Corporation, a global leader in omni-channel solutions has been selected by BankDhofar, one of Oman’s leading banks, to overhaul its existing self-service network to the deliver next generation of self-service banking to its customers.

As part of this agreement, BankDhofar will replace it’s NCR Personas ATMs with NCR’s SelfServ 80 Series ATMs, a new family of ATMs that helps financial institutions (FIs) to redefine the consumer banking experience and revolutionise the way consumers interact with the ATM forever. This deal includes a 10-year services agreement to profitably navigate the converged channel era and achieve the highest levels of reliability, availability and security of its self-service channels.

“BankDhofar is well known for being innovative and constantly striving to be ‘the best bank for its customers’ by making banking easy and always available. With the introduction of the innovative NCR SelfServ 80-Series ATMs, we now have a robust multi-channel platform to spur future growth strategies and offer next-generation customer experience. We are proud to be the first in the country to offer this revolutionary technology that delivers intuitive and striking interfaces to access banking transactions and services on-the-go,” said Dr. Tariq Taha, AGM and Chief Information Officer, BankDhofar.

The bank will also implement NCR APTRA Vision to monitor the Skimming Protection System (SPS), allowing BankDhofar to alert support staff to address the service needs in real time. Furthermore, as a proof-of-concept the bank has added NCR APTRA Connections to transform its multi-channel networks to maximise consumer interaction and deliver value added services, regardless of which channel they choose.

“Changes in customer behaviour continue to be rapid, disruptive and largely driven by technology. Financial institutions have to consequently adapt to the digital lifestyle of their customers and NCR plays a strategic role in delivering futuristic innovations to meet the demand of the millennial. The adoption of the 80 series will help Bank Dhofar to transform the ATM towards being perfectly aligned with how consumers want to bank and empower financial institutions to explore new ways to realise omni-channel transformational strategies,” said Wael El Aawar, Vice President, NCR Financial Services for Middle East and Africa.

The SelfServ 80 family of ATM solutions epresent a breakthrough in the history of ATMs. A large, 15-inch multi-touch display drives tablet-like interactions, where consumers can swipe, pinch and zoom their way quickly through transactions. Apart from the ease of use, the NCR SelfServ 80 Series focuses on security; the recessed keyboard provides a natural PIN protection, while a picture-in-picture camera shows what’s happening behind the user to prevent shoulder surfing.

The built-in video banking technology of the NCR SelfServ 80 Series enables FIs to streamline the way branch staff serve customers with Civil ID reading, auto loans, mortgages, credit cards or deposits across the network. The modern design comes with fully customisable, colour-coded media entry and exit indicators. Additionally, a unique 10-cassette cash dispense capability lowers cash replenishment costs. Paired with NCR’s CxBanking software suite, the SelfServ 80 series unlocks amazing customer experiences across physical and digital banking channels.


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