Thursday 16, November 2017 by Jessica Combes

EIBFS convenes annual HR Managers Forum to Plan Delivery of 2018 training programmes


The Emirates Institute for Banking and Financial Studies (EIBFS) convened the annual Human Resources Managers Forum for 2017 to examine its current training and academic programmes.

The forum allowed attendees to deliberate on ways to enhance their content and quality in line with industry needs and career objectives of the UAE national professionals in the banking sector.

“The purpose of the annual HR Forum is to highlight the challenges facing our national cadres in their professional careers and to present the recommendations of specialists in empowering these cadres with targeted quality training and workshops. The forum seeks to link the training objectives to the actual needs of the individual as they progress in their career and contribute to raising the capacity of the employee based on the requirements of the job to be filled. EIBFS integrates the feedback from HR managers to upgrade the professionalism and qualifications of UAE nationals to highest standards, while also raising productivity and organisational effectiveness,” said Jamal Al Jasmi, General Manager of the Emirates Institute for Banking and Financial Studies.

Al Jasmi added that in this context, the forum serves as a platform for HR managers and EIBFS to discuss ways to raise the level of awareness among employees on the need to upgrade their skills through continuing education to remain relevant at the workplace. During the session, several productive proposals to further enhance the quality and relevance of our training platforms were discussed, and the recommendations will allow programmes to be adapted to fit the latest market demands.

Husam Al Sayed, Group Chief Human Resource Officer, Emirates NBD, said the forum provides the opportunity to continue an ongoing dialogue with EIBFS on ways to develop the Institute's programmes. The Institute, a leading training centre for banking and financial professionals, has played a critical role in the development of our national cadres, ensuring they are given the right training and thereby possess the required qualification to succeed in the banking and financial services sector. He added that Emirates NBD is always committed towards participating in such initiatives that help develop UAE national employees in the competitive financial sector.

During the session, Noura Abbas Ahmed, Director of Training at Emirates Institute for Banking and Financial Studies, presented the results of training for 2017 and the analysis of the training needs for 2018. She especially highlighted the role of the Advisory Committee in ensuring the development of all quality training activities and associated services provided by the Institute.

 Recommendations to improve the programmes included collaborating with several reputed international training institutes, adopting best global practices in training, building a network for banks to improve the training support offered to their teams, updating the network with new market developments within the UAE and the GCC region, and maintaining ongoing communication among banks and EIBFS.


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