Thursday 19, October 2017 by Jessica Combes

GE hosts transforming power event in Dubai


The ‘Transforming Power’ conference, hosted by GE, brought together more than 200 global and regional energy sector experts in Dubai.

The conference allowed attendees to share experiences of industry-leading projects from around the world, identify the next generation of solutions to boost power sector efficiency and discuss new business models for the industry. The event highlighted trends and innovations in the energy ecosystem that can help unlock further productivity, diversification and operational efficiency in the industry across the Middle East, North Africa and Pakistan.

Eng. Suhaila Marafi, Director–Departments of Studies and Research, Ministry of Electricity and Water, Kuwait, addressed a panel discussion on the challenges, gaps and future opportunities in the power sector. She sad, “Looking ahead, one of the most important industry considerations is the need to build a highly skilled workforce and to promote localised innovation that can address local challenges. In Kuwait, we have focused on strengthening our power infrastructure while also developing the skills of young Kuwaiti professionals and collaborating with the private sector and academia to promote an ecosystem of industry-relevant research and development. Additionally, Kuwait is investing in renewable energy on a large scale for both residential and commercial use. We are also implementing solutions to enhance the efficiency of existing and upcoming power generation infrastructure.”

GE has supported the development of MENA’s power sector for more than 80 years and the company’s industry-leading technologies produce up to 40 per cent of the region’s power today. As governments in MENA focus on diversifying the energy mix, strengthening existing electricity infrastructure and making power more accessible, reliable, efficient and sustainable, GE is helping its customers and other stakeholders to transform the power generation sector with its advanced suite of digital industrial technologies. GE also has a strong legacy of contributions towards developing Kuwait’s power generation sector with investments including the GE Kuwait Technology centre, which serves three core areas for energy sector customers across the Middle East and Africa: training, tooling and engineering. 

Joseph Anis, President & CEO of GE’s Power Services business in the Middle East & Africa presented big shifts and macro-trends shaping the energy sector in the region. “Despite the evolving economic environment, we see an intense appetite for innovation and the desire to learn and lead by example across MENA and Pakistan. Power sector operators today require partners who can look at the entire electricity value network – from power generation, to transmission and distribution, to consumption – as well as across a range of solutions, to help them unlock the greatest benefits. GE is honoured and excited to work with our customers and other stakeholders throughout this value chain to drive the digital industrial transformation of the power sector in the region,” he said.