Wednesday 20, September 2017 by Georgina Enzer

InfoFort introduces VAT compliance solutions for GCC businesses

Addressing business governance and compliance needs, InfoFort, an Aramex company and a leading information management solution provider in the Middle East and Africa, today announced the launch of VAT Compliance and Automation Solution for the GCC markets.

The GCC-wide value-added tax (VAT) implementation that comes into effect in 2018, impacts how companies manage and deal with their data and information assets, driving companies to establish and seriously reconsider their existing information governance and legal compliance frameworks.

Under the new regulation, companies are likely to face several challenges associated with reporting, records management and audits leading to substantial penalties for non-compliance. Some of these challenges include unavailability of documents when needed, proper retention of records and timely responses to surprise VAT inspections and audits. Furthermore, inadequate VAT management may lead to significant cash outflows, internal costs, tax over-payments, fines, penalties and legal fees.

By adopting the latest technologies, InfoFort’s VAT Compliance and Automation solution will enable companies to be ready to meet legal and compliance obligations, optimise costs, mitigate risks, and avoid unnecessary penalties. The solution aims to seamlessly manage invoice submission, data capture, digital classification, retention and reporting. 

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