Tuesday 19, September 2017 by Georgina Enzer

Al Hilal Bank launches the Child Safety Campaign at Corniche Hospital in Abu Dhabi

Sheikh Mohammed bin Khalifa bin Mohammed bin Khalid Al Nahyan attended the launch of the Child Safety Campaign by Al Hilal Bank at Corniche Hospital, the campaign’s next stop, by offering free car seats to new parents.

The event, which is part of the Child Safety roadshow at all leading UAE hospitals, was also attended by Alex Coelho, CEO of Al Hilal Bank and Senior Management from Al Hilal Bank and Corniche Hospital.

As the UAE's oldest and largest maternity hospital and pioneering referral centre for obstetric and neonatal care, Corniche Hospital is an influential partner in Al Hilal Bank’s long-term Shari'ah-compliant Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Programme. In addition to Corniche Hospital, the Campaign is a collaborative effort that spans other leading UAE Hospitals and relevant authorities under the direction of UAE Traffic Control, the Ministry of Happiness and the National Tolerance Programme.

The Child Car Seat initiative is aimed at making the UAE roads safer for Children, whose leading cause of death in the UAE is traffic accidents. The CSR campaign covers multiple aspects of child safety in the UAE, and will also addresses the use of Seat belts, Automated External Defibrillator Installations, CPR trainings and awareness about Car Suffocation, Texting and Driving, Tailgating, Pool Safety and Food Choking Hazards.

“We are pleased to see that our partnership with Corniche Hospital has been a success.  Awareness efforts such as the Al Hilal Bank Child Safety Campaign are needed to embed child safety into our culture, and this collaboration is a powerful start to achieve this objective. By offering car seats and openly discussing this life-threatening phenomenon and how to take the proper safety measures to prevent it, we can create tangible change in the UAE that will be felt for years to come,” commented Alex Coelho, CEO of Al Hilal Bank.

In addition to tightening traffic regulations and launching major on-the-ground activations with the help of the partnering entities, Al Hilal Bank also employs creative methods to raise awareness about traffic risks and road safety misconceptions on social media, aiming to reach as many parents and legal guardians as possible with the proper road safety precautions.

“We are honoured to be part of this important community campaign because the safety of children is now a critical  issue in the UAE community, and this requires attention, care and teamwork to achieve this," said Dr. Fayza Al Yafie, Deputy CEO, Corniche Hospital. She added also that the safety programme of the newborns was launched at the Corniche Hospital since 2010 under the slogan (first trip - safe trip), and distributed more than 20 thousand safety car seats for newborns since the start of the programme. The programme aims to raise awareness of the importance for families to use a safety seat for children in the car, particularly the safety of newborns. The programme offered educational workshops and awareness sessions for parents on a regular basis. We are pleased to have a team from Abu Dhabi Police, our strategic partner of security to promote this culture.”

During the event, Al Hilal Bank provided new parents with child car seats, stickers and information leaflets about road safety for children. The distribution is in line with Federal Traffic Law No. 21 1995, as amended per Ministerial Resolutions 177 and 178 of 2017, regarding licence issuance and renewal and new traffic control rules and procedures for the protection of citizens from traffic violations.


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