Thursday 19, October 2017 by

Joint collaboration between KidZania and Zakat House for “Back to School”

With the new school term around the corner, KidZania Kuwait, the exciting kid-sized metropolis donated a wide range of school supplies to Zakat House to cover the needs of around 500 children around Kuwait.

This step precedes the kick-off of KidZania’s recent “Back to School” Charity Campaign in collaboration with Zakat House, to support children’s education. 

The campaign that ran from August 27 until 16 September, 2017 at the Zakat House Establishment in KidZania, saw generous contribution from children visiting KidZania who donated their kidZos, KidZania’s official currency, in the designated donations drop-box. By the end of the campaign, KidZania converted the total collected kidZos to its equivalent in Kuwaiti Dinars and used the amount to purchase school supplies to be fully donated to children through Zakat House.  

This initiative also comes in line with KidZania’s long commitment to fulfilling its corporate social responsibility and empowering children to learn the values of charity and giving back to society. The Zakat House Establishment within KidZania is also dedicated through its charity support activity to educating children about the importance of carrying out charitable acts.

Fernando Medroa, Vice President of Leisure and Entertainment at M.H. Alshaya Co. said: “We are delighted to collaborate once again with our partners in Zakat House to develop new community service projects that empower individuals of all ages, as well as the public and private sectors, to work hand in hand. Part of our KidZania objective is to help children get ready for a better world, through enabling them to acquire essential life skills and values, including giving, sharing, sacrifice, and selflessness.

“We are happy with the results of our campaign through which we aspire to reflect the importance of philanthropic work and community service projects, and we hope to inspire other organisations to fulfil their commitment to corporate social responsibility,” he added.


Head of Public Relations at Zakat House, Abdulaziz Al Batti said: “This gesture by KidZania was initiated as part of their CSR strategy, and in line with our “Student Bag” Project which we launch every year to provide school bags to the children in need around Kuwait who are registered under Zakat House.”

“The “Student Bag” Project for the upcoming academic year will provide around 12,600 school bags including classroom supplies to students of different age groups and will allow families to select the bags best fit for their children. We would like to thank KidZania for their heartfelt contribution towards this project, and we hope to see more companies in Kuwait take a step towards fulfilling their CSR roles in giving back to their community, too.” Al Batti added.

This collaboration between KidZania and Zakat House follows a series of past initiatives between the two organisations. Some of these initiatives include last year’s school supplies donations for the children in need, KidZania’s Girgean celebration for the orphaned children, and the noted well project which was built in Bangladesh by Zakat House.