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Messing about in boats

  • 14  The cost of having a baby
  • 26  How to get an offshore mortgage
  • 40  Time after time
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The cost of having a baby

Having a child can be a costly business - WEALTH looks into maternity insurance, the cost of becoming a parent and maternity leave entitlements under UAE law.

How to get an offshore mortgage

While few people in the UAE are leaping into local property, international real estate is offering interesting opportunities. But how do you go about getting an offshore mortgage?

Dubai International Boat Show

"There is nothing - absolutely nothing - half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats..."

Time after time

There's a watch for all the memorable moments of a man's life. Whether you're looking for a future heirloom to gift a son; a classic timepiece for a special occasion; an homage to craftsmanship;  or a quality watch to make a statement in the boardroom...