Monday 13, February 2012    |   Making more of your money

Holiday like James Bond

  • 8    Conflict gold

    Where is your gold from? If it was mined in conflict zones such as the Congo, it could soon be as good as worthless after the implementation on new…

  • 30    Giving berth in the UAE

    You've got the boat but where are you going to put it? Happily UAE berth prices are falling. WEALTH takes a look at the world of marinas and boat berths.

Latest stories

  • Luxury without guilt

     How luxury brands must adapt to the sustainable consumer, by Dr. Nicholas Ashill, Professor of Marketing and Chalhoub Group Professor of Luxury Brand Management

  • Private wealth management offerings are on the up

    Fahd Iqbal, Head of Middle East Research, Credit Suisse says increasing regulatory pressure may lead private wealth management institutions to consolidate.

    Regional financial…

  • The butler can do better

    Michael Shaw started his career in the UK royal household. Now he’s set up Franklin to elevate domestic staffs of the global elite to their former glory.


  • Winning the investment race to Iran

    Iranian foreign trade is predicted to increase from the $80 billion to $200 billion by 2020. Mehrdad Parhizkar, Partner, Frontier Partners investigates what investors need to know before Iran re-emerges…

  • The art of the build

    Raouf Ghali, COO, Hill International on how to make real estate projects in the region stand the test of time.Tell me about the work that you are doing with Hill International. How is Hill…

  • The almighty dollar

    In the past three months the dollar rose to an 11-year high against a basket of major currencies. The US currency is hitting high against the euro as interest rate differentials move in favour of US…

  • Prioritising pensions

    If you are a British expat in UAE, wide-sweeping changes to the UK’s pension regime means there has never been a better time to rethink your pension plans.The UK has just undergone…

  • GCC wealth growth gives private banking robust opportunities

    With total private wealth doubling since 2010, local and global private banking will become an even bigger focal point in the region.Since 2010, the GCC market has doubled its total private wealth…

  • Start up that Maserati

    The new Qattroporte line balances the style and substance for which Maserati is famous.There’s something special about a Maserati. Each one made with care by a small Italian team, not rolling…

  • GCC's HNWIs headed to London's fringe?

    UK stamp duty changes to alter London residential investment geography for Middle East buyers.Recent alterations to the UK’s Stamp Duty and Tax are expected to have a significant impact on the…

  • The rise of the female investor

    WOMENA—the UAE’s first women-only angel investment group, is turning more HNWIs from consumers to intelligent investors.

    The proper utilization of the female workforce is a huge…

  • Here be treasure!

    Less than a fifth of ‘treasure assets’ are held for financial reasons, says Barclays. Only 19% of treasure assets - which include items such as precious jewellery, fine art, antique…

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