Wednesday 15, June 2011   |   Empowering the GCC business vision

Face off: Banks versus Finance Houses

  • 12  100 rules for entrepreneurs
  • 20  The cost of losing top talent
  • 24  SMEs and Takaful health
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100 rules for entrepreneurs

Serial entrepreneur and author James Altucher outlines the lessons he's learnt the hard way about launching and running a successful small business.

The cost of losing top talent

It's official: happy staff make their company more money and losing good people is costlier than you think; luckily it is also easy to avoid.

SMEs and Takaful health

Shari'ah-compliant health insurance for SMEs is a niche sector but for some insurers, SMEs are their preferrred customers!

What kind of loan do you need?

When your SME needs a loan should you go to a bank or a finance house? fME examines the pros and cons.