Thursday 27, October 2011   |   Empowering the GCC business vision

The future of SME in Dubai

  • 20  MENA Entrepreneurs - the new breed
  • 28  Kick-starting Kuwaiti entrepreneurs
  • 38  The small print
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HE Hamad Buamim, Director General of Dubai Chamber of Commerce

What plans does Dubai have for boosting the SME sector in the Emirate? the Director General for Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry, HE Hamad Buamim, sad down with fME to talk about just that.

MENA Entrepreneurs - the new breed

They're creative, hungry and idealistic. fME profiles some of the latest entrepreneurs to bravely launch their businesses in the market place.

Kick-starting Kuwaiti entrepreneurs

Massive oil wealth has left Kuwaitis comfortable but has the easy life diluted their innovative streak?

The small print

The devil is in the detail when it comes to taking care over the small print on bank loan documents.