Monday 12, November 2012   |   Empowering the GCC business vision

Fancy a Falafel?

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  • 24  Here Comes The Judge
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When is a falafel not just a falafel? When it's Just falafel

Eighteen months ago Fadi Malas was the CEO of food retailer Just falafel with only two shops, fast forward to today and he has 25 operating stores and is opening a store every week till the end of the year

Cheques and Balances

A bounced cheque is a misdemeanour sanctioned under article 401 of the UAE Penal Code by detention (one month to three years) or by application of a fine. fME looks at the likelihood of any change in the law.

Here Comes The Judge

The DIFC Courts aims to be an independent arbiter based on English law with all cases tried in English. As the DIFC says, if you have a contract written in English anywhere in the Middle East or beyond you should clearly elect that the DIFC courts will be used whenever the need arises

An Inside Job

fME goes inside Dubai's Penal and Correctional Institution, home to 3000 men found guilty of crimes ranging from the white collar deeds to incidents of the darkest hue