Wednesday 04, July 2012   |   Empowering the GCC business vision

GCC Women want Mentors

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Should you buy a business off the shelf?

A franchise may well seem the perfect solution for those who want to run their own business - the risks are less, the business routine is written in stone and the customer base should already be there.

GCC Women need Mentors

Women in the GCC are less likely than men to be business owners or have plans to start a business. This is not because they lack the desire to be entrepreneurs, rather it appears to be down to lack of access to mentors.

Setting up a business in the UAE

Starting from scratch? Here's how to get your company framework set up so that you can make a proper start in business in the UAE.

Search (S)ME

Finding a small business or supplier online is not easy; being a small business and not having an online presence means you could be missing out on business opportunities... that's about to change.