Tuesday 08, May 2012   |   Empowering the GCC business vision

The nine pillars of success

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Free steps to SME heaven

How can an SME build growth into its DNA … EASY,start acting like a corporation with clear and transparent business practices, a board of directors and a plan for the future. It’s known as corporate governance and is the by-word for Dubai SME, the organisation overseen by the Department of Economic Development. At the heart of corporate governance is integrity and the ethics of doing business…

All Hands To The Pumps!

Setting up an SME in the oil and gas sector in Qatar and the UAE: providing services to the oil and gas sector in the GCC can be a highly profitable business, but it is also very competitive.

It's getting a bit drafty...

Part Two in our guide to getting your headround the draft UAE bankruptcy law… the new proposals are based on existing French and German insolvency laws.

Keep taking the tablets

Thin king Sony - the ICD-TX50 claims to be the slimmest ever voice recorder at just 6.4mm thin and weighing a mere 50g. And new to the laptop arena, the Samsung Notebook Series 5 ULTRA, offering top of the line performance in a thin, light and stylish device.