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Out of Africa - Kenya

  • 15  A new dawn
  • 36  Oman gets ready
  • 38  Scholarly disagreements?
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Asad Ahmed of Gulf African Bank

Islamic finance has been fighting for a place in East Africa's banking system to provide an ethical alternative to conventional finance. Asad Ahmed explains how it is gaining ground.

A new dawn

Outlook for 2012: Islamic finance industry leaders make their predictions for the year ahead.

Oman gets ready

Ib 17-18 December, Oman played host to the inaugural Oman Islamic Economic Forum. Islamic Business & Finance was there to hear of its plans for Islamic banking in the Sultanate

Scholarly disagreements?

The internet acts as a channel for open debate - online Islamic finance groups have seen battlelines drawn between those supporting Kuala Lumpur-based ISRA and those critical of it.