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  • 20    Arabian might

    Saudi Arabia is proving to be the exception to the global slowdown in the Takaful market. However, when it comes to regulation it appears to be as…

  • 22    Chinese fortune?

    Hong Kong has been enthusing about Islamic finance as early as 2008, but what progress has been made?

  • 24    Back to life

    After limping out of the financial crisis in seriously bad shape, the Islamic investment banking sector now seems set for a revival.

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  • Takaful’s road forward

    The Middle East’s Takaful industry has work to do if it’s going to catch up to Malaysia’s, writes Blake Goud, Chief Research Officer, Middle East Global Advisors

    The experience…

  • Path to better fintech

    Islamic Business & Finance caught up with Mohammed Kateeb, Group Chairman & CEO of Path Solutions to discuss the company’s leadership role, plans and the…

  • New chapters in Ugandan banking

    The passage of several significant amendments ushers in Islamic banking, bancassurance and new mobile and agency banking regulations.

    The Bank of Uganda, the county’s central bank, has…

  • Gallery: Islamic Business & Finance Awards 2015 winners

    The Islamic Business & Finance Awards 2015 on 10 December 2015.

  • Is Islamic debt a salve for the risk-averse?

    Mohieddine Kronfol, CIO Global Sukuk and MENA fixed income at Franklin Templeton Investments ME, based in Dubai, UAE, explains why more investors are turning to Shari'ah compliance.

    In times…

  • Declining oil prices to affect Islamic finance and beyond

    Market fluctuations have far reaching implications, including for the Islamic finance industry writes Aslin Ahmad, Senior Associate, Banking and Finance - Al Tamimi & Company.The UAE has enjoyed…

  • Bank of Khartoum's Big Moves

    Bank of Khartoum, a true leader in its market, is setting its sights farther, expanding to Bahrain and exploring opportunities in Nigeria, according to Chief Executive Officer of Bank of Khartoum Fadi…

  • Empowering women in the UAE's Islamic finance sector

    The UAE is firmly on the right track, writes Fatima Qasimi, CEO of Aseel Islamic finance.Since its inception, the UAE has led the way for women’s empowerment across the region and demonstrated…

  • Trading FX within Islamic finance

    Exploring FX Tom/Next rollover for compliance with Shari'ah principles, by Raid Madiyeh, Senior Sales Trader, Saxo Bank.Where once Islamic finance was seen as a niche banking system, it has now grown…

  • Jordan rising

    Since joining, JDIB's CEO Sami Al-Afghani has built a framework for future success, bolstering the Islamic finance industry and changing its image in Jordan.

    Tell me the story of Jordan…

  • Sukuk stutters in H1

    Sukuk slowdown in H1 2015, bond market hit by external forces.According to Fitch Ratings, total new bonds and Sukuk (with a maturity of more than 18 months) from the GCC+7 (Malaysia, Indonesia, Turkey,…

  • The case for business intelligence

    Abhijit Singh, Head of Asset Management & Investments, Solidarity Group, argues investment in analytics could improve pricing structure and profitabilityAccording to the latest EY Global Takaful…

  • Saving lives

    National Bonds is fighting for cultural change; Mohammed Qasim Al Ali, CEO of National Bonds, explains how its unique Shari’ah-compliant fund is transforming people’s habits from spending…

  • A catalyst for SME finance growth

    Fatima Qasimi, Chief Executive Officer of Aseel Islamic Finance spoke to Zoya Malik about Aseel’s corporate values and approach to operating in a competitive market and contributing to the future…

  • GCC hotels set for big growth in Halal tourism

    Hospitality Management Holdings are set to grow Halal tourist options in the GCC in order to meet demand.There has recently been global recognition of the huge demand for Halal tourism options. HMH…

  • Falling oil prices are unlikely to spur Gulf sovereign Sukuk issuance in 2015

    Standard & Poor's believes that financing ability will likely remain strong, and there likely won’t be a direct result of increased Sukuk in 2015Upside for sovereign Sukuk issuance in countries…

  • Driving the Islamic Economy

    Islamic Corporation for the Development of the Private Sector (ICD) CEO Khaled Al-Aboodi speaks out on the work he does around the world to bolster the private sector in accordance with the principles…

  • Growing focus on Islamic property funds

    By Richard Corrigan, Deputy Chief Executive, Jersey Finance Limited.It is hardly surprising that growth in the Islamic economies continues to attract the attention of the West. Those markets represent…

  • Islands of Islamic finance

    The Government of the Maldives is geared towards developing the newest Islamic banking hub.Just four years after the first Islamic bank was opened on the shores of the Maldives, the country’s…

  • Innovation key to unlocking global Islamic economy

    Traditional ways of doing business are increasingly out of tune with a new generation of customers demanding more sophisticated and varied products and services, and players in the Islamic economy…

  • Guiding the growth of Islamic banking

    Islamic banking is growing rapdily in Kenya, bringing with it questions of regulatory needs and standarisation.Habil Olaka, CEO of the Kenya Bankers Association, discusses what it will take for the…

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Islamic Business & Finance Awards 2012

Islamic Business & Finance Awards 2012 - winners revealed A hat-trick for a Qatari bank, three wins across two continents for a Kuwaiti institution, a double in Dubai, Malaysia and a double in Africa reflect the increasingly global nature of the Islamic finance industry.

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