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True Colours

  • 12    Malaysia: All business?

    Does Malaysia prioritise profits over Shari’ah? Islamic Business & Finance travelled to Kuala Lumpur to dispel the…

  • 31    Islamic banking in Indonesia grows…

    Islamic finance in Indonesia is growing rapidly but Edy Setiadi, Executive Director of Islamic Banking for Bank Indonesia warns the…

  • 32    WIBC: Asia

    Singapore has been toiling to accommodate Islamic finance to polish off its full suite of international financial services; Ng Nam…

Latest stories

  • Growing focus on Islamic property funds

    By Richard Corrigan, Deputy Chief Executive, Jersey Finance Limited.It is hardly surprising that growth in the Islamic economies continues to attract the attention of the West. Those markets represent…

  • Islands of Islamic finance

    The Government of the Maldives is geared towards developing the newest Islamic banking hub.Just four years after the first Islamic bank was opened on the shores of the Maldives, the country’s…

  • Guiding the growth of Islamic banking

    Islamic banking is growing rapdily in Kenya, bringing with it questions of regulatory needs and standarisation.Habil Olaka, CEO of the Kenya Bankers Association, discusses what it will take for the…

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Islamic Business & Finance Awards 2012

Islamic Business & Finance Awards 2012 - winners revealed A hat-trick for a Qatari bank, three wins across two continents for a Kuwaiti institution, a double in Dubai, Malaysia and a double in Africa reflect the increasingly global nature of the Islamic finance industry.

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Wednesday, December 05, 2012

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Islamic Business & Finance Awards 2013

The Islamic Business & Finance Awards are the most important annual event for the global Islamic financial community.

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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

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