Sunday 24, February 2013   |   The business of banking

H.E. Sheikh Abdullah Saoud Al Thani, Governor, Qatar Central Bank

  • 14  Bahrain's brighter future
  • 35  Here comes the sun?
  • 45  Top down AND bottom up!
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Laying the foundations for growth

Qatar Central Bank Governor H.E. Sheikh Abdullah Saoud Al Thani talks to Robin Amlôt.

Bahrain's brighter future

In January, Standard & Poor's revised its overview on Bahrain's political, economic and fiscal situation from negative to stable...

Here comes the sun?

World Economic Forum 2013 held in Davos, Switzerland, hat at the core of its agenda the main theme of 'resilient dynamism'.

Top down AND bottom up!

Truly an alternative investment or just another equity asset class?