Thursday 24, January 2013   |   The business of banking

At home to SMEs

  • 28  Business is booming
  • 36  What the experts predict
  • 48  Failure is not an option
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Dr Bernd van Linder of Saudi Hollandi Bank

The KSA's first bank, Saudi Hollandi, aims to lead the way in both home finance and SME funding.

Business is booming

Global Islamic banking assets are set to reach $1.8 trillion in 2013, top 20 Islamic banks show growth of 16 per cent a year for the last three years.

What the experts predict

What's in store for the coming 12 months? We speak to experts, investors and analysts both within and outside the Middle East region for their views on what to expect.

Failure is not an option

Steps are bieng taken to address the problem of banks that are 'too big to fail'.