Thursday 15, November 2012   |   The business of banking

Beirut and Beyond...

  • 26  Keeping the customer satisfied
  • 29  Gateway to the World
  • 44  The IRS goes global
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Salim G. Sfeir, Chairman & General Manager, Bank of Beirut

Bank of Beirut is one of Lebanon's leading commercial banks, offering an extensive range of wholesale and retail banking products. It has an international presence, providing banking services in the UK, Germany and Cyprus; has a three-branch network in Oman, representative offices in the UAE, Qatar, Iraq and Nigeria. The bank also owns Beirut Hellenic Bank, an Australian bank with a network of 16 branches.

Keeping the customer satisfied

We explain how the Banker Middle East Product Awards process works and what winning is really worth to you and your institution.

Gateway to the World

In this special feature section the spotlight falls on the Dubai International Financial Centre and we hear from an investment bank and a private bank what being based in the DIFC means for them.

The IRS goes global

The challenges of FATCA compliance for banks and individuals - the implications of the US Government's expanded efforts to combat overseas tax evasion and what they mean for banks in the MENA region.