Sunday 16, September 2012   |   The business of banking

Leading the way

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Majed Najm, General Manager, Retail Banking and Wealth Management, SABB

SABB won the Award for Best Retail Bank at the Banker Middle East Industry Awards 2012. It is also the ninth fastest growing bank in the MENA region. Majed Najm told Banker Middle East about the bank's plans to cement itself as the leading international bank in Saudi Arabia.

Dodge City?

How 'lawless' are London's leading international banks... in New York it looks like a narrative is being developed to categorise London's financial sector as an unregulated, untrustworthy 'Wild West'.

Why MENA banks should embrace social media

Mainstream channels of communication have come more easily to some industries than others. For the MENA banking industry a lot more needs to be done. Banker Middle East explores the world of banks and their uneasy relationship with social media.

The benefits of 'going Dutch'

Traditional approaches seem unable to address the current issues faced in Middle Eastern pension schemes, endowments, foundations and End of Service Benefits... it's time to look further afield for a more sophisticated solution.