Tuesday 15, May 2012   |   The business of banking

Q for Growth

  • 18  Global Distress: Opportunities in crisis
  • 24  Keeping up with Qatar
  • 33  The importance of being earnest
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Mohammad Ramahi, CFO of Aamal Company

Aamal Company has reaped the rewards of Qatar’s success. It listed on the Qatar Exchange in December 2007. Operations include 23 business units with market leading positions in key industrial, retail, property, managed services and medical equipment and pharmaceutical sectors.

Global Distress: Opportunities in crisis

With the Euro zone in crisis once more, 'turnaround King' Wilbur Ross told Joanna Andrews that Europe should look at Ireland as the poster child of austerity measures.

Keeping up with Qatar

Shashank Srivastava, Acting CEO of the QFC Authority, tells BME what makes a successful financial centre. The gas-rich state opened the doors to its financial centre, the QFC, seven years ago (May 2005).

The importance of being earnest

In its narrowest sense ‘corporate governance’ is a source of shareholder value.More, broadly good corporate governance leads to better performance, higher profitability and efficiency and ultimately takes into account all stakeholders and wider corporate social responsibility.