Monday 23, April 2012   |   The business of banking

Preserving Wealth

  • 19  Mind the (funding) gap
  • 36  Balancing Modernisation with Tradition
  • 45  Opportunities in Iraq?
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Eddy Abramo, CEO, Societe Generale Private Banking (Middle East)

Societe Generale has witnessed many crisis periods and lived to tell the tale! Eddy Abramo talks to Banker Middle East about how the recovery of the region's fortunes are the recipe for success.

Mind the (funding) gap

Bahraini offshore wholesale banking sector seen as most vulnerable to European funding retrenchment, according to a new report from Moody's Investors Service.

Balancing Modernisation with Tradition

Saudi Arabia sits atop a fifth of the world's crude reserves. It is the world's top oil exporter and holds significant dollar assets. It is also home to the biggest Arab stock exchange... now, the country is ushering in change while preserving centuries-old traditions.

Opportunities in Iraq?

Ziad Makkawi's new venture is seeking to invest in financial services in Iraq - Blue Gate Capital Partners is a Frontier Market Private Equity and Financial Advisory firm with offices in Dubai, Baghdad and Erbil.