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CPI Financial 100

CPI Financial 100 is a ranking of financial institutions with their head office regulated by Middle East central banks. Every year we undertake a study of all audited financial reports from banks in the region.

To accurately assess the performance of a financial institution we collate the following data from all institutions:

  • Assets 
  • Liabilities  
  • Income  
  • Net profit  
  • Return on assets

We then calculate the year on year growth in US$ and % terms, in total measuring all financial institutions across 14 different finance measures.

This data then allows us to rank financial institutions in each of these measures and create an overall ranking for financial institutions in each country.

We are currently undertaking the research for the financial year ending December 31st 2014. Register for full access to CPI Financial and we will notify you as soon as this research is complete so you can gain free access to the most accurate financial data available in the region.