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CPI Financial Client Services will work alongside the executive management and communication teams to deliver new marketing and communication initiatives enabling financial institutions, corporate entities, private companies, government institutions and charities to develop unrivalled methods of promotion. This allows clients to showcase their financial strength, launch new products and reinforce the benefits of existing services in a format produced to the highest level and in a context that addresses the intended audience with the right information in the right language. Our editorial team have unparalleled depth of experience in communications and content production and are among the most talented writers in the region. We have an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the regional and commercial markets and are able to tailor content to your business requirements. Our projects have included Commemorative Brochures, Corporate Magazines, Annual Reports and Event Programmes. Whether you need to highlight the unique selling points of your retail banking products, or promote your organisation’s services and products, our team will structure a clear and strategic message with engaging content and sparkling copy, designed by unparalleled creative team. For the more informations


CPI Financial has produced many books for corporates across the region and is capable of providing a full service, including the writing and researching of content internally or through commissioning specialist authors at the request of the client.
We have created a range of books that include economic and industry sector analysis, market
commentaries, and histories in a variety of formats, from academic studies to coffee-table style books.


CPI Financial has a first-class track record in creating compelling magazine formats,
whether quarterly, bi-annual or annual, in order to communicate your message and your
products in one complete package.
We are able to supply 100 per cent original content, produced by us, in both English
and Arabic, to a high-quality finish.

CPI Financial has the know-how and experience to create a compelling, long-lasting and powerful publication to reach and influence your desired audience.

We offer a turnkey solution for annual reports, including design, content, production, photography and printing capabilities in both English and Arabic, aiming to make the process as simple and efficient as possible for your communications team, and ensuring the
Highest quality literature for your shareholders and clients.


Our team of highly skilled financial writers and creative designers can produce articulate and engaging marketing collateral for your clients in both English and Arabic formats.


We create newsletters in both email and hard copy, for you to distribute to your clients, shareholders, stakeholders and investors in order to keep them up to date with the latest news from within the organisation and industry-news that may be relevant to them.

We will produce the content, design and layout of the newsletter and hand it back complete for distribution. design and layout of the newsletter and hand it back complete for distribution
Contact us to discuss your requirements and we'll be happy to find the best mix for you.

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